Month: April 2014

Tragic, Violent, Controversial and the Rest

I’ve always told students to stay away from using adjectives in news writing.  An example: never describe news as good or bad.  Don’t tell listeners whether something is tragic or controversial.  I have reasons for this even though it goes against the grain of what many of my broadcasting brethren and sisters do.  

Review: Philomena

The acclaimed film Philomena came out last year and was a critical darling. Dame Judi Dench stars in the title role of an Irish woman forced to give up her toddler during a dark chapter of Ireland’s history. Steve Coogan is the journalist who embarks on a quest to help her find her son. 

Little Man of my Heart

Ryker, the son of my Little Sister Tabitha, is ten months old now. I can hardly believe it. He’s big for his age, taking tentative steps and scooting all over the place.  Apparently he said “Da” the other day so father Nick is pretty pleased!  

Tales from the Tailgates

The Big Show has finished “tailgating” for another season.  For nine weeks, every day after the show, we visited another business in the city that invited us. We had many more invitations than there were days, so it’s gratifying and mostly fun! But it’s also been a huge learning experience. 

House Proud – Pet-Friendly Styles are All the Rage

We seem to have finally reached a point where we no longer have to justify a devotion to our pets. A decade ago it raised eyebrows when people learned I routinely took my back-injured Border Collie to a chiropractor. I recall one colleague asking, “Where do you think you’re living, Hollywood?” She didn’t understand that …

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Update: Joe the Cat

Those who are caring for Joe the cat, the frisky feline shot in the head 17 times with a pellet gun, have provided an update on his progress.  And it’s all good news. 

Taking Weekends Off

This blog used to be a seven-day-a-week affair.  Many months ago, without any fanfare, I stopped posting on Sundays. I received a few emails from people who wondered if perhaps I’d forgotten or something, but it doesn’t seem to have been a big deal. 

When Easter Bunnies Attack

You’re minding you’re own business in your cool radio studio overlooking Richmond Row when a giant bunny happens by and starts acting strangely before wordlessly hopping away!  

Detroit Rock City

The first time I went to Detroit was sometime in 1985. The Four Tops and the Temptations were performing a reunion show and my radio station, CKSL in London, sent me along to escort contest winners in a limo to the show. 

Sign of Our Times

UPDATE: At 8:50 am the owner of the clinic called to apologize. The sign was placed in the wrong spot. It is being dismantled as I write and will be moved. Yay! Now back to the original story: Sometime Friday afternoon between when I got home after teaching and hubby woke up from a nap, …

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RIP Redheaded Pal

Archie, Jughead, Reggie and pals have been around for about 75 years.  At Archie HQ they’ve decided that’s long enough for our red-headed high school student. And I randt. 

Proper Peepers

I believe you get what you pay for but I also believe that some sectors and companies suck us dry because we don’t know any better.