Taking Weekends Off

This blog used to be a seven-day-a-week affair.  Many months ago, without any fanfare, I stopped posting on Sundays. I received a few emails from people who wondered if perhaps I’d forgotten or something, but it doesn’t seem to have been a big deal. 

Now I’ve decided to stop posting on Saturdays, too. Simply put: I’m too busy with other things to keep coming up with six days of original content. I don’t want this little meeting space to become such a burden that I no longer enjoy doing it and you no longer enjoy reading it.  Less is more, in this case, and I think this will be better for all of us.

I started this blog  approximately 100 years ago as a place where I could get some much-needed experience at writing in a different style than broadcast news. Since then, I’ve written three books and for many years now I’ve been writing a bi-weekly newspaper column for Sun Media. This little piece of real estate in cyberspace is still important to me and I’m extremely grateful that you come to visit, but with everything else in work and life, I need a bit of a break.  So I’ve decided to treat it more like a workday, weekday venture, and I hope you understand. And I hope you’ll still come back for my – with a nod to the memory of George Carlin who coined the phrase – brain droppings! Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Taking Weekends Off”

  1. Although I shall be disappointed and sorely miss my morning fix, I’m sure over time the withdrawal pains shall subside and things adjust to the new normal. Has it really been that long, boy time flies.

  2. And folks can always follow your brain droppings on Twitter, too – @lisabrandt1001…we can always get our Lisa FIX – thank goodness! Taking more time for you means more Lisa for us in the long run, and that’s a good thing. xox

    1. Thanks everybody! BTW the latest drum routines are HARD. I am now tapping in 1/8 beats, too. My foot on the bass pedal does not want to cooperate. It wants me to be the person in the crowd who’s clapping along on 1 and 3.

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