Month: May 2014

Follow The Leader

Blackburn Radio is a medium-small company, as far as broadcasting outlets go.  We’re dwarfed by Corus, Rogers, Bell and some others but our owner has no desire to compete on that level.  Richard is happily running a regional broadcasting network but many of the people who work for him could compete in any arena. Case …

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Exploring Close to Home

We needed a weekend away but not too far away. The lawn and basement digs by the plumbers (whose final chapters are still to be written) and other chores have been nagging at us so I poked around online for something to do.

Update: Rick Bigg RIP

I wrote just a month or so ago about London motorcycle rider, Rick Bigg, and his sudden diagnosis with terminal cancer. Rick died on Saturday and the fundraiser for his widow, Laurie, goes on as planned this weekend. (My original post on Rick and Laurie appears HERE.)  Rick had hoped to take one more ride, …

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Brandt’s Randt – Buying Your Pretty Face

I’m not anti-plastic surgery. I’m not against anything that’s someone’s personal choice, that doesn’t hurt anyone else, really. But I think it’s time we stopped making a big hairy deal about how well someone is aging when they’re not aging naturally. And that’s this week’s randt. 

Headline Hilarity

There’s a real art to writing headlines. I have to do it for and to come up with something in four or five words is often a challenge. 

If It Were Up to Me…

…a three-day weekend wouldn’t be called a long weekend. It would just be a weekend! It takes three days to recover from a demanding work-week. Imagine if that week was only four days long. But I digress…. 

Why Cats Rule

I’ve always thought of myself as a dog person but I have loved a couple of cats. My current kitty Spice is the feline to beat all. But I’ve also always believed that cats belong indoors. There are too many predators and they cause too much destruction and, frankly, poop, always on someone else’s property. …

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Brandt’s Randt – Government Sleight of Hand

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature. I believe terrorists who hijacked planes brought down the twin towers in Manhattan, for example. But I have developed a new theory that is the only possible explanation for why smart people are so distracted by stupid things. 

We Are Mothers, Hear Us Roar!

Mom and I celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday. The entire day was orchestrated by her second-born, my brother, who bought us tickets to The Lion King at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, and even pre-paid for our lunch at Hey Lucy, across King St. where our server kindly charged my dying iPhone battery.

Brandt’s Randt – Food Trucks Stalled

If there’s a low turnout at the October municipal election and this London city council gets back in, then Londoners deserve them.  They get so little accomplished unless it’s about giving themselves a raise or a medal.  

A Hole Lot of Digging

We have ten feet of shiny, new PVC sewer pipe at our place. Too bad I can’t show it to you! And it looks like the issue was caught in the nick of time. The old pipe was coming apart at the connection and shedding flaps of its inside. No wonder we had plumbing issues. 

A Dangerous World

I try to keep things positive on these pages. I try, in my life, not to dwell on the sick and depraved and those who harm others when I’m powerless to change the situation on my own.