Month: June 2014

Why Time Flies

Here we are, the end of June, and that happened in a blink, didn’t it? The speed with which life throws itself behind us as we get older, has irked me for years. So I went to Mr. Google and read the research of scholars and psychology experts linked to respected schools and organizations. 

Airstream Relocates

We bought the 1969 Airstream Overlander trailer about a year ago. It’s a 27-footer and in great shape for its advanced age. My hubby and brother tore out the interior and the plan was to rebuild it from the ground up. 

Family Matters

If you’re a regular visitor to these pages you might recall previous family reunions with the name “Sharonstock”. 

Our Criminal Mayor

Last Friday morning, judgment day for Joe Fontana, The Big Show on 98.1 Free-FM had a bit of fun with the Mayor’s plight. Actually, our verdict wheel was a lot of fun and it even got us some ink in The National Post. Everyone who spun got a can of Italian Wedding soup and I …

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What a Bunch of Cards

Now that one of the nastiest and most impolite elections is finally over, I can share with you a few of the lower points of the campaign that you didn’t hear or read.  

Less-Than-Friendly Competition

It’s possible that you’ve noticed a love/hate relationship between newspapers and radio stations.  At the papers, many believe radio newscasters merely rip off their work and put it on air. (There is basis in fact for this, which I’ll get to later.) At radio stations, there’s a belief that papers will go out of their …

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That’s Super

Hubby collects items from the now-defunct gas station chain, Supertest.  It was founded here in London in 1923 and sold to BP in 1971.  The name disappeared two years after that. Original items have become quite pricey and rare. We once admired a gravity-fed original Supertest gas pump at a store in Grand Bend. “Twenty …

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Goodness Knows We Need a Laugh

It’s three years this week since I returned to a full-time news gig.  And instead of growing a tougher skin, time seems to have made me even more sensitive to the stories I read every day. This week has been particularly brutal.  

You’ve Always Got Time…

…for Tim Hortons. I don’t think that jingle has been in use for some time, but when it comes to helping children, maybe you’ll make a little time.