Announcement: New Website Launches Soon

This website and this domain name are close to my heart. The site was created by Robin at Thoroughweb Design in Milton ON and I’d recommend her services in a heartbeat. She’s reasonably priced, she listens and she is just an all-around cool gal. But sometimes change is necessary and not just for its own sake.

I really wanted something to help market my voice services on an international level and for that I needed a .com address. I also had the tremendously good fortune of having Eric Marks of Flight One Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina, put a concept together and get this whole thing moving. Eric is a client who became a friend and is now like a brother from another mother! I hope you’ll also be impressed with what he has created.

part of the homepage for my new website that says Welcome and has buttons to navigate to different areas

For now, when you click on my blog, you’ll see the page jump. It’s taking you to the new website. is ready to roll and I invite you to poke around. The site is live but it’s also a work in progress. Soon, the switch will be flipped and this site will no longer exist so this is your fair warning. I truly hope you’ll come along for the ride! Thank you.


1 thought on “Announcement: New Website Launches Soon”

  1. I’m so jealous. I keep dropping very heavy hints to my hubby about me wanting to (at the very least) change the photo on my website. He wants to rejig it so HE can handle the site, but oh, the waiting is so frustrating. So, good luck to you and congrats. Maybe you can elaborate on it when we see you soon! E.

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