A Box Full of Happiness

My work has brought me a lot of cool things from concert tickets, to clothes, to opportunities to meet special people. And last week, my position as columnist for Sun Media brought me a happy box of stuff that could only appeal to someone like me. 

Rona’s LookBook of trends for 2014/15 is out and to promote it, they sent me a box of items with instructions on how to craft them into something usable.

Large white box with the lid removed containing wallpaper sheets, white tiles, white switchplate, can of sealant, tube of contact cement and a catalogue

To someone else, this might look like a bunch of claptrap.  It makes me want to scurry away with it, like a squirrel putting away a nut for winter, and start into the projects.

I finished one in a few minutes.  It’s simple – you cover a boring white switchplate cover with wallpaper that goes with the room’s decor and voila! Instant style and my kind of fun.

A switchplate cover with a pattern of silver, deep blue and chocolate brown, around a white light switch

They also included a variety of high-end cupboard door knobs with instructions on how to make a necklace hanger as well as white tiles for coasters and a few other odds and ends. Oh I’ll do them all!  It’s a brilliant marketing scheme that’s directly targeted to my area of interest. Will I write a column on the LookBook? If there’s a way to work it into something I’m writing, you bet I will, not out of obligation but out of respect and admiration for the way they handle their promotions. I get bombarded with text-heavy emails from all sorts of decor and home reno companies so I have to give kudos to Rona for finding a way to stand out. Now please excuse me, I have some more wallpaper bits to cut.