Brandt’s Randt – Joe Fontana’s Sentence

Our city’s former Mayor is either a terrific actor or a broken man. In my kindest thoughts, I assume the latter, because his life was built around being the big-talking man with a swagger whom everybody wanted to talk to when he entered a room.  Not so much anymore.  On Tuesday he was sentenced to four months’ house arrest and 18 months of probation for doctoring an invoice and taking the money after submitting it to the government as an expense.  So I randt.  



1 thought on “Brandt’s Randt – Joe Fontana’s Sentence”

  1. Yes, I feel his sentence was far too light. I think he should spend at least a month in jail. I’m sure we’d have to – not get to sit in our luxurious homes and catch up on social media while sipping a nice glass of wine. One set of rules for the politicians and another for the people who voted for them – or NOT (me).

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