Month: February 2015

Sex, Ed

I grew up in a time before AIDS. The big threats about premarital sex were pregnancy and gaining a reputation as a slut. Having sex with someone couldn’t kill you, just your reputation. 

The Trolls We Attract

I try not to read the comments section of our major local newspaper, The London Free Press, because it’s a depressing look at humanity. People with half their facts straight and ignorant, rude and mean opinions spew off behind pseudonyms. It doesn’t enhance my life in any way.  

Freedom 85+!

It’s believed that poll results released last week by Sun Life are the first ever to show that more Canadians expect to work past age 65 than retire. The reasons vary, but most say it’s their plan to keep working full or part-time simply to pay their bills. 

A New Era at Free 981

The Big Show is no more. This morning we’re launching a new morning show: The Stax Show with Blair and Brandt on Classic Rock Free 981. 

Olympian in the Family

It looks like I’m going to have to change my mind about watching the winter Olympics now that I have a nephew who’s likely going to be competing in South Korea in 2018. 

Imperfect Perfection

Cindy Crawford is a beautiful woman. She’s an icon of beauty even now, as she turns 49 this week. And although she hasn’t commented on the leak of an unretouched photo from a year-old photo shoot, it’s a great thing for women everywhere to see how she really looks. 

Family Day!

It’s Family Day, a statutory holiday that seems to be doing, for me at least, what it was designed to – give us a happy long weekend in the dead of a crummy winter! Enjoy!

When is it Just Stealing?

The voice-over community is an active and idea-sharing one, like the goat-hair knitting community and everyone else with a particular interest that gather on social media. And it’s clear that everyone has their own line they won’t cross for a buck.  

50 Shades of Controversy

I won’t see the movie Fifty Shades of Grey because I have no interest in it. I almost made it to the third chapter of the first book in the series but gave up in frustration over the terrible writing and the unrealistic story line. 

Disappointment All Around

The Bishop of the Catholic diocese of London is “profoundly disappointed” in the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn a ban on doctor assisted death in cases of terminal illness. I am profoundly disappointed in anyone who’s profoundly disappointed in this decision. 

Oh Baby

A Tampa, Florida woman didn’t know she was pregnant until her third trimester. The baby was a record weight for the hospital: 14.1 lbs. 

Coming Clean

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams apologized this week for a lie he’s been telling for more than a dozen years. He says he “misremembered” the incident in Iraq when he and his news team came under enemy fire and their chopper was forced down and protected by a platoon.  

Snack Trees

Today I want to share a favourite recipe. Derek calls them bark cookies. I make them just about every week and toss a couple of them into my lunch bag. There’s no oil, butter, egg or milk in them and there’s protein, fibre and fruit. When they’re not what you want in a cookie, I …

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Piggish Parkers

There will always be people who behave badly but I wonder if some have changed their ways because of social media? 

Something Fishy This Way Swims

There’s a saying that goes, when a child hands you a toy telephone, you answer it. So when my boss’s 8-year-old daughter needed someone to look after her goldfish while the family goes on vacation, I took that responsibility seriously!