Imperfect Perfection

Cindy Crawford is a beautiful woman. She’s an icon of beauty even now, as she turns 49 this week. And although she hasn’t commented on the leak of an unretouched photo from a year-old photo shoot, it’s a great thing for women everywhere to see how she really looks. 

photo of Cindy Crawford in lingerie with a little bit of puckering and puffiness in her stomach area

This photo is an outtake from a shoot for the December 2013 cover of Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America edition. It has been verified by the magazine’s editors. A photo editor would remove the lines, the tiny bit of tummy and likely trim her thighs because those things would be deemed unacceptable for a cover shot. It’s all part of the machine that churns, for whatever reason, to make women (and some men) look perfect when they are merely human beings.

This is what a 47-year old mother’s stomach looks like. In fact, it’s one of the better specimens out there. It’s not the perfectly flat, smooth teenage-looking taut tummy editors would have you believe it is. Nor should it be. I love it. I love her. I love it when things are authentic and realistic. It doesn’t help anyone to hide the truth.

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