House for Sale

No, not the one I live in. Many months ago, we joined with brother Rob and another partner in a house-flipping adventure. We bought a wreck of a place in Welland, ON and through the magic of money and back-breaking labour, turned it into a home for two families and an income property for someone to buy. 
I ought to disclose that everyone involved is credited with the labour part, except me. I was dealing with my rotator cuff issue at the time and couldn’t help. Anyway, they turned an unimaginably ruined home with good bones, into a fully rented happy home that’s on the market.

I’m in the process of writing a two-part article about the adventure for Sun Media. Here’s just a small taste of what “before” looked like. Now, I like the colour purple but not enough to lather it on a ceiling and woodwork.

room entirely painted purple

The “after” is much more inviting, don’t you think? Transformations like this were made all through the house as it was turned back into a duplex.

room redone with soft grey, white curtains and a wood floor

The articles will essentially be the answer to the question, what if we tried to do what they seem to do with such ease on all of those house-flipping HGTV shows? It’s a cautionary tale and a dose of reality about trying to do it for the first time, on a budget. At this moment, we don’t really know if there will be a second time!


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