The Number One Facebook Complaint

Game requests. Bar none, it’s the top thing people complain about. And it strikes me as so lame because the power to stop them lies with the requestee not the requester. 

I play Candy Crush (don’t judge me!) and Trivia Crack but I defy anyone to tell me they’ve received a request to play from me. There are little check-boxes that you need to pay attention to and not check, or the apps will send out notices without you even noticing. That’s half the problem. People give the game app permission to do things withing realizing it and then they blame Facebook.

The other half of the problem is not familiarizing oneself with Facebook security settings. One can stop game requests, emails and other things they don’t want with about 2 minutes of concentration and a few mouse clicks. Annoyed by game requests? Read on. (click to enlarge)

a screen shot of the process of finding the area in settings to prevent game requests

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