Chat Stats Are In!

In the week or so since this website was officially launched, and by that I mean replacing my old site, the “chat with me” option via PureChat has been tracked and the results are in. They’re overwhelming. 
Chats: 0
Responses: 0
Average Response Time: 0
Average Chat Duration: 0
I deliberately omitted the instance when I chatted with myself as a test. But I can proudly say that I was quick to respond to my comments and showed professionalism and courtesy throughout the conversation, which lasted about 45 seconds. Based on this experience, I’d definitely hire me and recommend me to my clients.
This is just my way of saying that there is a chat feature on the site and anyone is free to use it! It’s generally live from 9-5 on weekdays and when it’s activated, it comes directly to my iPhone. It’s meant to give me instant response time to potential clients who might want to hire me for voice work and it’s just one more excellent doodad added to the site by my webmaster Eric of Flight One Studios and AngoMarks Photography. More than just my web guy, Eric is also a great, funny and generous friend. If you ever need a photographer or event planner in Charlotte, NC, Germany and many other spots around the world, he’s your guy. And if you ever need a voice project done, I’d like to be your gal!

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