Love Wins

I can only imagine how frustrated some backwards Americans are these days. And that thought makes me grin with glee.

Last week I could hardly contain my delight as I watched a video of that old evangelical coot Pat Robertson, who I’m always surprised is still alive, wax on about the war that’s being waged on Christian values with the US ruling that makes gay marriage legal across the states.

I say this not to mock Christian values because Robertson does a fine job of doing that all on his own. His intolerance and fear of anyone who doesn’t share his world view, that’s as narrow as a strand of spaghettini, are what we should be afraid of, not of two loving people acquiring the rights and privileges they’re entitled to. His scare tactics are laughable and he equates anything that frightens him with anarchy.

The hashtag #lovewins burned up the Twitterverse like a Bic lighter’s flame to my cousin Wanda’s hair. If you had been in that chicken coop in the early 70s, sneaking cigarettes behind our parents’ backs, you would know that Wanda’s hair went up in a flash! But only on the left side of her head. However, I digress.

Thousands of upset Americans declared their intention to move to Canada in protestĀ of the US Supreme Court striking down state marriage bans. Then someone told them that same-sex marriage has been the law of the Great White North for ten years and they had to retreat.

My favourite story comes from Baltimore, Maryland where a woman celebrated by stringing up rainbow solar lights and other yard decor in bright colours. One of her neighbours wasn’t impressed, though, and sent her an anonymous letter about her “relentlessly gay” yard. It went on to declare that the decorations were an affront to this “Christian area” where “there are children”. And we all know what colourful, tacky lawn decorations do to children! The letter ended with a demand to “have respect for God”. Once again, someone uses the G word for their own, personal bigotry.

The woman responded by starting a GoFundMe crowd-funding campaign to allow her to purchase more rainbows and add to her collection. She wanted $5,000. In less than a week, people gave $43,000. That’s going to buy a lot of rainbows. Love wins.


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