Byron Villager

My sister-in-law Barb started a monthly magazine for the part of London we call home: Byron. 

Barb has done a lot of things, but this was a labour of love and she learned as she went. And she has done an amazing job! People are loving the attention on our little village and its history and its vibe. Byron has almost everything you could need without going elsewhere in the city and for the cyclist or motorcyclist, country riding is about 2 minutes to the west. The first area settlement was just west of the city so there’s a ton of London history to mine.

Magazine with grey background and a pile of pumpkins pictured, along with a table of contents and the title, Byron Villager, in various colours

People are loving the attention on our little burg. There’s another publication that centres on a wider swath of the area, but it looks like it came out of a photocopier and it’s, well, boring. This is hyper-local and super-serves Byron only. She’s hearing from former Byron-ites all over the continent who want to receive a copy, and to contribute to future issues. Passion and energy combined in our sister to create something successful. Here’s to a long run for the Byron Villager!



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