Kitty the kitty

Spice, the 14-year-old wondercat, has been restless. When he was surrendered for adoption, he was part of a pair. Animal Aide in St. Thomas apparently tried to adopt them together but no one wanted two senior cats. They were both 11 at the time. So Chloe was adopted separately and we came to learn about Spice once he became a solo act. 

We’ve talked on and off about getting him a buddy. I’ve casually perused the websites of local rescue organizations and last week, saw a 10-year-old gal who also used to be with another cat. I went to visit her and she had a cone around her head because she’d been experiencing a digestive issue. She wasn’t well but she lifted her round head to sniff me through the bars.

Last week, I called the vet who was looking after her and he gave her the all clear. “She’s healthy now. She’s good to go.” We met again and spent some time together. It just felt right.

Close up of Sugar's face, grey with white markings, peeking over my arm as I hold her and take a selfie of us

She is what an extremely kind person would call, out of shape. She has a super-sweet demeanour, a raspy little meow and she’s slowly working her way into the household. There was some mild hissing from Spice at first but no real aggression or upset. He’s fascinated. He’s also eating her food, so we’re trying different methods of making sure she gets some nourishment. Her presence has brought out the alpha-male in him. On day two they met nose to nose several times and calmly sniffed each other. It’s a great start. 

Just watching that tubby little body lumber down the hallway makes us grin. She’ll slim down, and once I get a brush to her back, she’ll look a lot better. She has two favourite hiding spots: in the back of my studio closet or under our bed. When her new world overwhelms her, that’s where we’ll find her. 

And she has a new name, thanks to a great idea from Erin Davis: Sugar. Sugar and Spice. It makes a whole lot more sense than Kitty. We assume she was named by a child. Well, it’s time she grew up and as sweet as she is, Sugar fits her perfectly. Thanks, Erin. Meanwhile, our home resembles a very calm and amusing version of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. No one is chasing anyone else or freaking out. We have a good feeling about how this is going to work out.

7 thoughts on “Kitty the kitty”

  1. Jean White

    Oh Lisa, that is so sweet of you to give a 10 year old a home. We did the same thing a few years ago. I hope you all have some great times together. And the fact that Spice is not freaked out is a very good sign. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Jean. They’ve been nose to nose several times now, calmly and without fear. It’s a good start. I’m glad you also adopted an older cat. She is so incredibly sweet. Now if only I could get her to poop!

  2. Awwwwww….I’m so touched. Thank you, Lisa – and here’s to “everything nice” for your Sugar and Spice – from here on in. It’s a special home that welcomes older animals and gives them the gentle love that later years require. Let’s hope some day, someone does that for us! Hugs, E.

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