Merry Custom Christmas

For the past few years, I’ve set out our leg lamp inspired by the movie, A Christmas Story, on a table in front of our livingroom window. Outside of the holidays, the lamp lives in our guest bedroom, where it provides illumination of the dresser top. This year I decided it would stay there. 

Our tree has always been a little, fake, predecorated thing that merely sufficed. So I bagged it up and donated it to Goodwill and began the hunt for the tree that would say Merry Christmas, but not, same-old same-old. I found it online at Sears.

Six-foot tall palm tree with tiny white lights up the trunk and on the leaves.

It’s a palm tree but its trunk and fronds are covered in Christmas tree-like fake foliage. It’s pre-lit, so there’s no light-stringing involved. Plunk the three parts together, plug it in and it’s good to go!

But the best part is, it’s indoor-outdoor, so in good weather, it can sit on the deck and twinkle the night away.

In the photo it’s beside the fireplace, but it’s since been moved to the window where it gives a Christmasy glow to the front of the house. 

Who says you have to have a triangular tree if it’s not what you want? Sears even sells an upside-down tree for people who don’t have a lot of space. You tuck gifts around the pointy end at the bottom and it widens to the top, where there’s more room. Happy Christmas, however you celebrate. And if you’re marking another holiday, or no holiday at all, I wish you a happy one as well.


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