Things Got A Little Nuts

I never claimed I was up on my Lou Diamond Phillips news. I remember things about him from years ago, like how his first ex-wife Julie became Melissa Etheridge’s first “out” partner and that he loves to play poker. 

But when you write about a famous person, include their Twitter handle in your tweet, and have the nerve to call them Lou Diamond Almonds, you might attract their attention!

converstation between Lou Diamond Phillips and me on Twitter where he says I should get to know his latest work










He retweeted the link to my blog to his 110,000 followers and I heard from some of them. I was chided for not knowing that his show Stargate Universe SGU was filmed in Canada or that he currently stars in a show called Longmire and I completely forgot he was in the TV series Numb3rs. Most simply clicked like or retweeted but some let me know I wasn’t all that and a bag of almonds!

Hey, I don’t watch much current TV and I haven’t been to a movie since Trainwreck came out last summer. Anyway, I offered a mea culpa to a few of his more rabid fans who were indignant that I didn’t include his current credits in my blog. But most were very nice as was Mr. Phillips himself who, as you can see, thanked me for the shoutout and didn’t mention the Lou Diamond Almonds reference, which I can only hope he found amusing.

The Internet is a funny place. My blog post was a very narrow-cast little story about me, a celebrity and a colleague. Had it been titled, Everything There Is to Know About Lou Diamond Phillips, I could understand the fan outrage. I’m not complaining about the reaction though, far from it. It was mildy embarrassing, thrilling and amusing. And as my current colleague Carmi Levy said after looking at my Twitter stats for the morning, “You won the Internet today!”




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  1. Maybe you’ll have a lot of new visitors to your blog from now on…..People on the internet need to remember what my mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.”

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