RIP Thin White Duke

David Bowie never lost his influence over music. There was never a time when people said, Oh Bowie is so last century. He was always relevant. 

Black and white portrait of David BowieWhen I think of Bowie, I think of high school. I think of sitting in my friend Corinne’s big brother’s bedroom (while he was out and none the wiser) and listening to Bowie records. I think of playing his music on the radio and singing aloud in the studio. I think of a million songs.

A year or so ago there were rumours that Bowie was sick because he looked awful and rarely appeared in public. But he didn’t say a word. He went out the way he wanted, quietly, surrounded by family. After all, this was a man who created a stage persona to hide his painful shyness. RIP Bowie and thanks for the music.

4 thoughts on “RIP Thin White Duke”

  1. Never really liked Bowie. Oh sure there was the odd song here and there I enjoyed, just never got into his schtick, but saying that I can appreciate what he brought to music. RIP.

    1. How many artists can you say you didn’t like, but you still liked some of their songs? He had a rare gift.

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