Am I A Belieber?

You may think you don’t know me at all after you read this. I am thinking the same thing as I write it. I love the new Justin Bieber album. 

Well, I love most of it. The first seven songs. And I’m not alone. It’s up for five Juno awards, which is a big deal or no deal at all anymore, since they stopped giving them out to “our” artists.

So, how did I end up with the latest Justin Bieber album, having never owned or really listened to anything by him before? Santa popped it into my stocking after having second thoughts about giving it to someone younger. Just for kicks, and with a whole lot of skepticism, I popped Purpose into our kitchen radio/cd player. And I found myself bopping my head to the beat as I chopped vegetables.

I took it with me in my car, and found myself going back to hear certain songs again. Once they became a bit familiar, I sang along. And this may be the most surprising thing of all – as I drove and listened, the artist who came to mind was Michael Jackson. I could envision some of these songs actually lasting a while. They’re catchy pop tunes that stuck in my head long after I turned the CD off. I know, I was surprised too.

The best song, in my opinion, is Love Yourself, a stripped-down tune with lots of background vocals that sounds like it could have been recorded while everyone was sitting around in a studio, just tapping on whatever was close at hand. I love the lyrics. My Mama don’t like you, and she likes everyone. The song’s message is like Cee-Lo’s Forget You, with a kinder, gentler approach. Hate him or just hate him a little, the kid can sing.

Pop music has always been, well, poppy. I grew up on Top 40 radio and disco and pop as well as the Eagles, Aerosmith, Supertramp and the other bands that had respect and longevity. There’s a place in my eclectic music collection for cotton candy, as well as a steak dinner. I haven’t lost my marbles: I won’t be going to any of his concerts or signing up for newsletters! But I will plop the CD into rotation once in a while and I’m (almost) not embarrassed to admit it.


4 thoughts on “Am I A Belieber?”

  1. Oh NOOOOOOOO! EMS needed immediately in London, can she be saved? Stay tuned to your local station for the latest updates on this late breaking case.

  2. I used to be pretty narrow with my musical selections until I took a course in college on the history of rock and roll. It started with some guy making a drum in Africa in the 1200’s and covered up to (almost) present-day. It expanded my horizons and opened me up to many more genres and artists than I’d previously given myself permission to enjoy.

    As someone whose iTunes includes Benny Goodman AND The Beastie Boys, with a bit of cotton candy in between, I say you go, Lisa! 🙂

  3. Okay, now you’re going to make me really *listen* to Love Yourself. We’re playing it on CHFI and (I’ve heard it only twice) I just felt it didn’t “do anything” and kind of just sat there; not hooky, if you will. But our Music Director and APD Julie James (who says “hi” every time I mention your name!) love, love, LOVES it. So for you two I will open my ears and my mind and listen. The title itself is a message that sure can’t hurt – no matter who’s listening!

    1. Well it’s a little bit sarcastic, that message. But I find that it’s the stickiest one of the songs. Sorry is good too. But there’s something easy-going and low-key about Love Yourself, in a world of overly produced pop pap, that draws me to it. Oh my goodness, I have a lot to say about JUSTIN BIEBER SONGS! (What’s become of me?)

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