Throwback Thursday – My First Blackburn Job

Although it was (gulp) almost three decades ago that I worked at CKNX in Wingham, I’m happy to say that many of the people I knew best in those days are still my friends or, at least, we’re still in touch. And I’m married to one of them. 

A page from a book of photos, like a yearbook. of staff at Blackburn Wingham. Both Derek and I are in it. I'm about 26 year old. Derek is in his early 30s.John Chippa and Jeff Norgate are still there, overseeing the raising of grandchildren and becoming local broadcasting legends. Don Fraser, much-loved TV weatherman, my AM cohost and one of my all-time favourite people, died six years ago this June, and I was so rocked by his passing that I couldn’t bear to go to the funeral. Lissa Fraser, his then-wife and a TV producer at the time, was a close friend. She and I worked together on several projects and even hosted a bus trip of seniors to Nashville together. Talk about an adventure.

I have stories and memories of every one of these people and this is just one page from the CKNX book! I knew when I left that it would rank as a great time in my life and career. It was one of tremendous growth and learning. I drank a lot of wine, wore a lot of bad pastel-80s clothing and made a lot of mistakes in work and in life. I wouldn’t change a moment of it.

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