Throwback Thursday: Retirement, So Far

When the crew at Blackburn Radio/Free FM took me to lunch on my last day, one of the sales guys convinced our server that I was retiring! It’s been six months, and retirement’s been pretty good, so far.  

This particular retirement includes getting up at the same crazy time and pointing my Kia in a different direction to be a part of a wake-up radio show.

lunch receipt from Jack Astor's restaurant. Below the total the server has written Happy Retirement!First Thing with Mike Stubbs and Lisa Brandt on 1290 CJBK is finding its legs.

We are past the, “where’s the other guy?” stage of our show and into the, “Hey, who are these people?” era. We get a ton of positive listener reaction and lots of requests to appear on the show.

This may turn into another tribute to Mike because he is one of the best guys I’ve ever had the good fortune of working with. Smart, collaborative, ego-less, decent, articulate, honorable; he’s a good dude. And making him laugh is one of the best things I do all day.

I miss the people at Free-FM but I got over the job pretty quickly. My new one leaves me no time to question what I’m doing because I have to get on with it or I’ll miss my deadlines, which arrive every few minutes. A long-timer at the station pointed out to me that my job is what four people used to do. That’s not unusual in broadcasting now, or in any type of media. And all I have to do is look around at the otherwise empty newsroom to realize how lucky I am to be doing it.

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