President Trump

Donald Trump has to be stopped because a formula that predicts with 96% accuracy who will win the US Presidency has him blazing a trail to the White House. 

A Poli-Sci profession from a New York University has applied his theory to every Presidential election of the past 100 years and it’s only failed once. That was 1960, the year John F. Kennedy defeated Richard M. Nixon.

In a nutshell, the candidate with the strongest lead in their party through the primaries will win the election. That person is Donald Trump. He is enjoying an overwhelmingly strong lead on his Republican opponents. If they replace him now, it will have to be with someone who is less dominating, and that would mean certain defeat for the Republicans on election day, because a Democrat, in this case Hillary Clinton, would have more support. And so it goes.

I agree with Louis CK that Trump is the new Hitler, an insane bigot who is dangerous. Before Adolf ordered the extermination of millions of people, he was just a powerful speaker with radical views. He spoke his mind. He had a clear vision for the way forward. He attracted loyal supporters who found his straight talk refreshing. (You can read Louis CK’s email essay here.)

Donald Trump is talking about legalizing waterboarding and other forms of torture. He publicly calls anyone who opposes him a loser. He isn’t refreshing, he’s a bully and he lies. I hope the New York professor is wrong and that Trump retreats to one of his namesake buildings in defeat. He is turning our biggest trading partner into a reality show. I don’t really care who defeats him anymore. It’s anyone but Trump, at this point, just to wipe that smug smile off his orange face.



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  1. Jean White

    It’s friggin scary isn’t it Lisa. So many Americans have had it and are willing to give anyone (Trump) a go at it. I can longer watch CNN or the debates; it’s like watching a train wreck.

  2. A very old saying has been running through my head with the support Trump has been receiving, “Be careful for what you ask for”. Are we witnessing the beginning of the end and demise of the United States? How could any international leader truly take Trump seriously as president, but what really baffles me is that his supporters can’t see the potential ramifications of his presidency. Which brings me to another old saying, “they can’t see the forest for the trees” and by time they do it will be to late.

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