The Sugar Conspiracy

While I recover from the bug I caught in Iceland – yes, I’m still recovering – I haven’t had much of an appetite. I’ve been eating protein and salad and fruit, but haven’t felt like indulging in my carb cravings or satisfying my sweet tooth. These are good things because both have been in overdrive for the past couple of years. 

It only figures that last week I received a cookbook I won in a random draw from the Facebook members of Dishing With DeMontis, the branded venture of my old foodie friend Rita DeMontis. And it’s not just any cookbook – it’s a cupcake recipe book! All cupcakes, all the time. (shakes fist in frustration!)

cookbook cover shows beautiful close-ups of a variety of yummy cupcakes

Part of me would love to dive into these confections face first and not stop until I resemble Jabba the Hut.

But the other part of me that’s tired of sporting a muffin top knows that inhaling several varieties of cupcakes isn’t the way to go.

So if you’d like a beautiful, hard-cover guide to dozens of delicious cupcakes, be the first to respond here and I’ll send it to you. It will only collect dust on my shelf while I reach for the rice cakes instead, and that’s a shame because the photos look good enough to eat.

3 thoughts on “The Sugar Conspiracy”

  1. Oh Lisa my niece would just love that book for she is starting up a small business making things for parties and she lives in London as well.

  2. That’s great….if she doesn’t want it I’ll trade a bottle of wrinkle release for it Lisa….Hope you feel better soon.

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