Throwback Thursday – Tub-Thumping

It was Saturday morning. I was half-asleep when I stepped into the shower, counting on the hot water to wake me up. I had forgotten that I’d had a bath with baby oil in it the night before, and didn’t rinse the tub. Before I knew it I was face-first into the edge of the bathtub and blood sprayed everywhere! 

Oh boy was I lucky.

a close up of my face. Despite smiling, I have a black eye and a huge purple bruise on the bridge of my nose

Although my nose gave way with a huge cracking noise, it wasn’t broken. It had a big bruise on it and I got a black eye – and probably a concussion – but it could have been so much worse.

Although it was a few years ago, I haven’t lost the after effect. It doesn’t matter whether I had a slippery bath or the tub floor is as dry as a bone, I step lightly and carefully into the shower now, every time.


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