Separation is a Good Thing

When it comes to recyclables! People have told me I’m a fool for sorting my plastics/cans apart from my paper/cardboard because the pick-up guys merely throw it all into the same truck. Not content to just assume, we invited the city’s head of environmental programs to explain on CJBK.

They do throw it all into the back of the same truck. But it’s divided. Paper products go in one side, plastics and aluminum in the other. So, in a mature and sophisticated way, I say NYAH NYAH NYAH!

recycle materials container with separate areas for each type

It doesn’t take much time to bundle cardboard or throw recyclable paper into a clear bag but I took some mocking from listeners for even bothering. People are still sending me YouTube videos that claim to show that recycling is a ruse. I’ll take first-hand accounts any time but not some right-wing conspiratorial rant. Until I’m convinced otherwise, I’ll continue to cut my twine and keep the two lots apart.

2 thoughts on “Separation is a Good Thing”

  1. I’m proud of you. There are too many small minds and large mouths (and the internet gives them a platform) whether it’s about how charities are run (“don’t give to these ones!”) or other long expired hoaxes that are still being perpetuated. Glad we can have a bit of a platform to try and negate some of the falsehoods…or open people’s minds just a bit. How lucky we are.

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