Five Foods You Should Never Eat

While we’re on vacation, I’m rerunning some of my favourite blog posts of the past. 

Did that title grab you? It sure got me when I saw it on CNN and even more so once I realized Dr. Sanjay Gupta was presenting these five baddies with Men’s Health Magazine. I watched the video so you don’t have to. So what are they? 

Five foods to avoid:

1. Non-organic strawberries.  Men’s Health contributing editor David Jack says they’re one of the worst fruits for heavy pesticides.  They say buy organic or none at all.

2. White chocolate. I KNEW it was an imposter!  It’s not really chocolate at all.  It’s a wannabe that doesn’t have any of the antioxidant properties of actual chocolate.

3. Sprouts. Too much bacteria.  You’re better off shredding carrots or cabbage.

4. Canned tomatoes. A resin in the can leaches into the tomatoes and puts a synthetic estrogen in there.  They recommend tomatoes in a tetra pack or glass jar.

5. Swordfish.  Very high in mercury and not a sustainable fish.  Men’s Health says it’s better for you and for the environment to eat wild salmon.

If you’ll excuse me I need to shred a cabbage.

Originally published August 21, 2013

2 thoughts on “Five Foods You Should Never Eat”

  1. Erin Davis

    Thanks for this – I tweeted a link to your blog. The one about strawberries is a total game-changer: I confess to loving those mammoth ones from the US or MX but they sure aren’t organic. Rethinking everything, that’s for sure. Thanks for, er, digesting it all for us. (Can we add “CNE FOOD” as an honourary perennial?) Thanks again!

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