Stuck in a TV Rut

What are you watching? Seriously…I need a show to get hooked on. 

We’ve never watched Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones. We’re not going anywhere near anything with a Kardashian in it. As much as we loved them first and even second time around, we’re sick of reruns of Modern Family, Dragon’s Den, Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory.

The painting of Seinfeld's George that features him wearing only boxer shorts and posing weirdly on a chaise lounge.

One of our favourites – House of Lies – just ended for good and another fave – Halt and Catch Fire – won’t be back until October.

We like Antiques Roadshow and some of the home renovation and sales shows, but I won’t watch programs about the homes of the rich and ridiculous because they just make me mad. The opulence is over the top and, in my opinion, wasteful. Some real estate shows are good, like Property Brothers and Masters of Flip but one episode of Love it or List It was enough for me. It was too cheesy.

But we have also liked some shows that are considered cheddary. The Mentalist was a favourite, although many saw it as a throwback to old detective series. We tried to watch some newer action shows and found them unappealing. We’re funny that way.

Four of the principal cast members of The Mentalist in character - Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby and Patrick Jane.

So please hit me with your favourites in the comment section below. We’re willing to start from the beginning of a series and binge-watch until we catch up. What we’re not willing to do is hear, “you need to watch 3 or 4 episodes and then it gets good!” Life is too short. Go big or go home!


6 thoughts on “Stuck in a TV Rut”

  1. Hi Lisa.

    If you have Netflix (I love Netflix) I got hooked on Weeds, Magic City, House of Cards (OMG loved it), Luther (Idris Elba is a beautiful man, don’t tell my husband I said that), Scott and Bailey, Last Tango in Halifax, Brooklyn Nine Nine (hilariously, wet your pants funny or maybe it’s just me). That’s all I’ve got. For now.

  2. Silicon Valley—kinda the same feel as Halt And Catch Fire but has some of the best (funny and/or quirky) characters to appear on any show, ever. The Good Wife—smart. The Leftovers—trippy. 19-2—made in Canada police drama that is surprising good. Be prepared to have your guts ripped out. There are a couple episodes that are truly shocking. Ballers—excellent. Ray Donovan—excellent. 60 Days In—a few people volunteer to do two months at the Clark County Jail to help the Sheriff end crime and corruption inside. Entertaining and real. And last but not least, episode 13, season 24 of Triple D titled Knockout Burger Joints….nuff said.

  3. we are now watching older seasons of 24, Suits (filmed in Toronto), White Collar and Nashville (on Netflix). Also loved Broadway Empire, Justified, Burn Notice (love Gabrielle Anwar), Dexter and Nip/Tuck (either on Netflix or pay TV like Cinema Now). Current shows are Blacklist, Elementary and Person of Interest. For funny show watch Life in Pieces.

  4. OMG – I second that emotion with Luther (above, Linda) and Sherlock Holmes with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. We were absolutely totally HOOKED on Holmes during last Christmas break and it’s amazing amazing amazing. PROMISE. From the get go!

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