Everything Old is New

It appears that I won’t be writing House Proud for Sun Media anymore. My column has been running across the country for about 9 years now, but the marketplace has changed and the newspapers sections are getting smaller. But my terrific friend Erin had a great idea.  

Why not rerun them in Lisa’s Pieces, the store on my website? Derek created a logo from the original columns and I’ll select my favourites to run again or, as the logo says, rewind.

Original House Proud byline with the title and my photo with the word rewind added in script

Over the years I covered everything from my DIY projects to trends, products, events and some of the stars of the design, decor and building worlds including Mike Holmes and Jane Lockhart. I heard from readers across the country with questions about everything from flooring to roofing, and who simply told me they enjoyed the columns. I was even asked if I’d come to people’s houses to give them design advice. (I found ways to politely decline and point them toward educated designers who depended on clients for their living.)

If you missed them the first time, some of the columns will live HERE. And if you’ve never checked out Lisa’s Pieces, we’re about to add a whole new line of items that we’re pretty excited about. There’s also a Lisa’s Pieces Facebook page that I’d be grateful if you’d “like”. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Everything Old is New”

  1. Linda Reid

    I like Erin’s idea but if you own the rights to your work make an e-book. DIY is big.

  2. I will happily take any and all credit. Even though YOU did all the work! Congrats on opening another hand-hewn, vintage (but lovingly restored) door, Ms Brandt. xox

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