Lisa’s Pieces Now Include Light Fixtures

Inspiration hit on our recent trip to New England. We stopped at flea markets, antique and so-called junk shops and any place else that beckoned one or both of us. We marvelled at items we hadn’t seen back home and resisted the urge to load the truck with flotsam. We also picked up some terrific ideas.

We think this is the coolest, and perhaps the only way to reuse old lampshades whose covers are ripped, dirty or just plain out of date.

tan shade skeleton over white glass shade

It involves stripping the shade to its bones (which is more work than it seems), customizing the other parts and adding an appropriate glass globe or shade inside. Much of the fun involves playing with colour. All white, tan and white, tan and tan, and bright blue are what we have in the works so far, with plans for many more, including pink for the bedroom of a little princess. Perhaps she’ll need some chandelier gems to make it complete.

Tapered blue shade with a similarly shaped white globe inside








It’s totally customizable. All shapes of shades can work. It’s a matter of trying combinations to find the pieces that compliment each other. And any colour is possible.

We love making these fixtures and sourcing the parts. They have an elegant air without being girly or fussy, and because you can see through them, they don’t add weight to a room.

And just wait until you see the pendant lights we’re making! 

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