Throwback Thursday – Nutcrackers

More than a couple of decades ago, before Toronto’s Virgin radio was a thing, there was MIX 99.9, that came after CKFM. Are you still with me? 

I went directly from CKNX in Wingham to CKFM at Yonge & St. Clair in TO. It was culture shock, but I couldn’t show it. I had to fit in fast and learn to wear my “subway face” to keep the crazies away on the TTC.

Maureen Holloway and I in our stretcher-bearer costumes with big red crosses on the chest, smiling for the camera
Me and Mo in our dressing room aka coat closet.

This is where I worked with one of the wittiest women in media, Maureen Holloway. In the new year, Mo is launching a new morning show on CHFI with Darren B Lamb – the Darren and Mo Show. Mo is whip-smart and super quick with a comeback. She’s a terrific writer. And back when we were colleagues, she invited me to join her on behalf of The Mix as a stretcher-bearer in a performance of The Nutcracker, at the legendary O’Keefe Centre on Front Street, now the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. Our cameo performance lasted all of about 15 seconds but it briefly scratched my theatre itch.

Morning radio is difficult. The easier it sounds, the harder it is. Radio in Toronto is as challenging as it gets. There’s so much competition and scrutiny and millions of dollars riding on each ratings share point. So many things are impossible to predict or fake: good chemistry, senses of humour that mesh, positive attitudes and compatible work ethics. But when it all comes together, it’s magical. And couldn’t we all use a little Mo magic these days?

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