Hairy Holder

My blowdryer and hair-straightener bug me. When not in use, they just lay there on my bathroom counter, cords tangling and getting caught in a drawer and a cupboard door. They easily slide off the countertop onto the floor, or worse, one of my tender toes. 

I bought – and on the same day returned – a cumbersome corral that held them in place but took up a ton of real estate. I’ve thought about hanging them on the wall but to my mind, in this small room, that’s too ugly.  I’ve also rejected a lot of DIY solutions that look like, well, DIY solutions.

plumbing pipe wye on end, holding blow dryer at the top and straightener in the side

Finally, a fix. An ABS wye fitting, used for joining sewer and pipes. I found one at Home Depot for about $7. I was looking for one made of PVC but this one’s even better because it’s black but almost a brown-black. It blends in with the appliances, cupboards and mirror frame in the bathroom. I would have had to paint white PVC.

It comes in a few sizes. The 4″ version worked best for me. It’s light, so it needs stabilization. Just glue some fishing weights to the inside bottom with Gorilla Glue or Krazy Glue. It won’t scratch the counter and it actually looks like it belongs. My appliances bug me no more.



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