Throwback Thursday – My Little Christmas Gift

There’s no denying that I love opening presents. Hubby is always so thoughtful and he knows that I don’t need buckets of diamonds to make me smile. But he also knows that my favourite gift is time. The stuff we do together is more important than any “thing”. 

Now that I have little people in my life, the occasions when we’re together are also among my favourite times of all. Vienna is six months old and Ryker is three-and-a-half. They’re the children of my Little Sister Tabitha and her partner Nick. Ryker is a generous, sweet, funny boy and as active as you would imagine. Admittedly, I ramped him up a bit by giving him a game that shoots soft little balls into the mouth of a plastic duck. Attempting to get a photo was almost futile.

Rykers head upside down as I grabbed a photo while he wriggled on the couch beside me

This is all I got, while he wriggled on the couch beside me. If not for the Mickey Mouse Club on TV, I wouldn’t have been this successful.

He’s quick with a hug for Gramma Lisa and when I say, “I love you Ryker”, his response is always, “Umm hmm”. Haha.

Time. Slow the hell down, won’t you?

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