Spice’s Sweet Sixteen

Our number one cat, our senior feline, the Head of Security for our household and top mouser Spice turns 16 today.

He was 11 when he came into our lives, a surrendered pet who had sat in a cage at a rescue shelter for five long months, unnoticed among the hundred or so kittens up for adoption. We didn’t want a kitten and he was perfect for us. At the time, he was fat from being sedentary and his teeth were a mess. We slimmed him down and had those rotten teeth taken out. A couple of years later, we got him a girlfriend – Miss Sugar – and after a bumpy courtship, they’re bonded now. More often than not, we find them curled up together on the guest bed, sleeping deeply. 

Spice hasn’t been in perfect health for a few months. He has lost weight, been sick, had thyroid, kidney and pancreas issues. We promised each other there would be no heroics with this guy. We’ll keep him as well and pain-free as we can, but there’ll be no pacemaker operation or dialysis. He’s affectionate, has a great appetite and loves his belly rubs. We hope he’s with us for a long time. He gave our home a heartbeat. 

5 thoughts on “Spice’s Sweet Sixteen”

  1. I LOVE how you rescued an 11 year old cat and to date, have given him 5 great years and hopefully many more. Totally agree with your way of thinking re heroics. Happy birthday old Spice!

  2. I love the sound of a purring cat. Go Spice! I’m happy for him that he gets to spend his final years with people that love him. If only all cats were so lucky.

  3. Carolyn Pringle

    Happy Birthday Spice. I hope you have many more happy, pain free years.
    Congrats to your parents for giving you a furever home.
    I just adopted a fur girl this past Sunday, from the local Humane Society.
    She is going to be six in May. I hope she has many, healthy, happy years.

    1. Thanks everyone! Spice had a wonderful day with more belly-rubs than usual. Spice and Miss Sugar seem to be having fewer spats than usual, too. They used to happen once a day. Now they’re about once a week. They’ve settled into accepting each other! Carolyn, I hope your girl has a long, wonderful life.

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