Only one thing could get me to go to LEGOLAND at the massive Vaughan Mills shopping centre on a Saturday. He’s short, adorable, and the son of my Little Sister. And he happened to watch Lego Batman about eleven times last week. 

Ryker loved it. Mom Tabitha and Dad Nick seemed to enjoy themselves too. Baby Vienna aka Squirmy refrained from full-on screaming when I held her. It was a great success! By the way, the name LEGOLAND is officially written in all caps. I’m not yelling. Although I was certainly schooled in yelling by other people’s kids!

I lost count of how many activity areas there were as well as a movie theatre, an ongoing scavenger hunt and a reasonably priced cafeteria.

At one station, kids – with help from parents – choose Lego pieces from buckets and buckets of options in order to build a car that they can race on three different tracks. 

Ryker and other boys watching their Lego vehicles travel down a racetrack

There are a couple of cool rides. You are reading the words of the high scorer on our little team of target shooters. (I was riding in the higher back seat when I took this photo. Even with a break from shooting, I still racked up the points! heh heh)

Ryker and Nick in the front of our buggy shooting at targets on a screen

The entire Toronto skyline has been constructed from Lego. It’s stellar!

highrises and the CN Tower made of Lego

The star of the day was Lego Batman who arrived at noon for photo ops. Ryker – and some of the other kids – were so overwhelmed by his presence that they almost couldn’t bear to get close!

Nick holding Ryker next to Lego Batman who is waving

Vienna isn’t yet a year old, so her job was to be well-behaved and she was a princess.

Tabby and Vienna

Three solid hours of mayhem and smiles. We got exactly what we came for. If you go, get there when it opens at 10. Don’t be intimidated by the line-up.  It’s a big place and once you’re inside and see how it fills up around noon, you’ll feel like you had the place to yourselves for a while. 

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