Meet the New Ride

It’s a lot like the old ride! After discovering that my beloved red Kia Soul was a write-off after the suckiest of suck weeks of 2017, the world of vehicular transportation was open to me once again. What did I want to drive? I made it easy: another Kia Soul. 

Kia soul in a pretty ocean blue, with a bit of road dust on it

Three years newer and a spiffy, different colour, but it’s essentially the same vehicle. This one is also automatic; the other was standard. (This was taken right after it arrived, before it was detailed.)  It wasn’t easy to find, either. Our friend Jeff at Nevin Motors has been in the car biz a long time and knows how to source what people want, but Souls would evaporate almost as quickly as he found them. My trust in Jeff is absolute, so I gave him a ranked list of colour choices and a few wants and needs and let him loose. My only must-have: the upgrade that prevents it from hitting other vehicles. I paid extra for that.


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