Really Late Review – Scott Taylor reviews Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Scott Taylor is Editor of Our London and a regular on our 7:45 roundtable on the CJBK Morning Show.  I’d love to embarrass him right now so I will tell you that he is smart, funny, a terrific writer and we love having him at the station. Here is his Really Late Review:

So I came across this great historical movie the other day that depicted King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail. Although like all royalty (or maybe it’s popes), Arthur took a name that wasn’t his own when he became king. His name before that must have been Monty Python. That’s a pretty weird name for someone who was destined to become king, but there you have it; the movie is called Monty Python and the Holy Grail so it’s hard to argue and I really didn’t feel like Googling it.

The first thing I learned about medieval days is that horses had yet to be invented so people would kind of hop or trot through the forest on their own using a coconut carried to England by a pair of African swallows for sound effects. It made me wonder how they knew what horses would sound like, but they were pretty crafty back then what with their wizards and swords and all.

As the story unfolds, Arthur (Monty) and his Knights of the Round Table come across a wide variety of people and things, including the Black Knight, who’s a really bad sword fighter, but courageous as all hell. There are these three very tall guys — or maybe they’re conjoined. Yes, in retrospect, I think they’re conjoined. They want some shrubbery or they say they’re going to beat the tar out of Arthur and the guys. Shrubbery must have been in short supply back then. Either that or it might have been very difficult for conjoined triplets to harvest plants only a foot or so high. I imagine a lot of things might have been difficult for them, which is maybe why they were always in such a lousy mood.

There’s a damsel in distress that just turns out to be a dude in a dress, a rabbit with a nasty temper and these French guys that not only insult and ridicule the knights over and over again, but who somehow invent a catapult strong enough to hurl large farm animals into the air to be used as weapons of mass destruction.
The rest of it got a little hard to understand and remember after my fifth drink, but suffice to say it probably turned out well for everyone except those who died. And now we have horses so, yeah, good on us.
I would rate is as one of the best documentaries I’ve seen since This is Spinal Tap. Authentic in every way.

Scott Taylor
London, Ont.

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