Throwback Thursday – On the Road Again

It’s been five years since our last road trip on a motorcycle. We rented a Harley in Las Vegas and toured Arizona. It was really frickin’ cold and then it was really frickin’ hot. Welcome to the desert.  

Derek and I with some of Sedona's red sandstone formations in the background

We love to hit the road together, just the two of us, finding our way through terrain that’s new to us. Our longest trip was to Cape Breton and back. I kind of enjoy getting lost. Derek, not so much. For me, it’s a luxury to not know exactly where I am and to not be watching the clock to make sure I follow my routine. Losing track of time is the ultimate indulgence.

Derek goes on a bike trip with a buddy every summer, but it’s time for the two of us to get back out for an adventure. We’re planning a motorcycle ride to Tobermory for just a few days. Another couple might go with us if they can get the time off. Even if they can’t, we’ll go on our own.

We ride with few rules. No camping. No riding after dark. No packing anything more than a saddlebag full of stuff. Lots of stops for roaming and avoiding monkey butt. (Think about it for a minute!) Dining at family restaurants over chains whenever possible. And if the passenger says she has to pee, the driver doesn’t question it!

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