Some Kind of Einstein

Journalism is alive and well at the BBC. One of my favourite shows is Hard Talk on BBC World News, hosted by Stephen Sackur. There’s a radio version of the show that’s so good, I can hardly stand it. How they get world leaders and others in the eye of news storms to sit down and face direct, difficult questions, is something wonderful to behold. As the title suggests, there are no softball questions on Hard Talk.

In another division, BBC writers often go in-depth on topics that expand the mind and our understanding of the world. Take this recent piece on how being quirky or odd, like Albert Einstein, relates to genius:

“Scientists are increasingly realising that intelligence is less about sheer genetic luck than we tend to think. According to the latest review of the evidence, around 40% of what distinguishes the brainiacs from the blockheads in adulthood is environmental. Like it or not, our daily habits have a powerful impact on our brains, shaping their structure and changing the way we think.”

We have more control than we think over whether we become blockheads or eggheads. Cool. The piece goes on to analyze Einstein’s eating, exercising and sleeping habits. I’ve pledged to stop the world once in a while and read something just for me, not for work or for pure pleasure, such as a novel. Something that gives my brain some nutrients and teaches me something. This article fell into that category. If you’re interested in some brain food courtesy of the BBC and Einstein, the link to it is HERE.

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