What We’re Bringing to the Table

Months ago, we were given an old sewing machine and I knew immediately that I wanted it to be the base for a table. Meanwhile, we bought another couple of machines and earmarked them for the same fate. But we had to wait for just the right piece of wood. I wanted live-edge and beautiful but imperfect. After we helped load in at the Forest City Flea artisan market a couple of weekends ago, we met a guy selling slabs of live-edge, and relieved him of a gorgeous piece of spalted maple that was long enough to make three tables. It was thick and had a beautiful live edge. There went the day’s profit!

a close-up of the finished table top. Spalted maple is shades of lighter and darker wood with black lines running through it

I painted the bases flat black and redid the company lettering with antique gold, like it was in its original state before time and wear took over. Derek cut and sanded the wood slabs, and then I gave them a couple of coats of varnish. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. This one is my keeper!

A finished table with one of Derek's steampunk lamps on it. The lamp features copper and brass and the lampshades are old, glass insulators

Other people make these too, of course, but I’ve seen them with rusted bases and tops that – in my opinion – are too shiny with a layer of epoxy, like a bar. If you like to see your reflection in a table, that’s great, but I think it detracts from the beauty of the wood. I realize the point is to sell them but I find the most joy in making them, and the other things we create together. It truly is time well spent.

Stan Portley’s is the third London retailer to take us on. When they expand in the coming weeks, we’ll have a bigger presence there. New Vintage Chic in Lambeth is also moving into a bigger space and we’ll help fill that, too. And on Canada Day weekend, Duck and Dodo market is having a 15% off sale – that includes the Lisa’s Pieces they have on display. Happy shopping!

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  1. Barbara-Anne Szabo

    I so wish I lived in ON so that I could view your pieces at the various locations you present at. I will buy one of them one day, come-Hell-or-high-water!! Or, maybe I will commission a piece. All I know is that I love what you’all are doing!

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