Throwback Thursday – The Times I Miss

Last week, nearly nine years after I left 680 News, someone contacted me to tell me that they still missed hearing me on the air with Paul Cook. If I’m honest, I still miss hearing me on the air with Paul Cook!  

Paulie and I wearing over-the-top smiling faces

We took selfies before selfies were cool! This was 2008, about a month before I left 680 News and Toronto to move here to London.  It was our reaction to realizing it was Friday! Fridays are a big deal in all-news and news-talk radio. Former writer (and current Senior Manager of Content Development for Rogers Radio) Richard Bloom used to blast a clip from The Cure’s Friday I’m In Love as each of us entered the newsroom on a Friday morning. I believe it was Paul who coined the phrase “Sexy Friday” for a Friday that was also a pay-day. I brought cookies on Fridays and others brought different treats sometimes. Fridays were big deals

In February, Paul celebrated twenty years with 680 News. He’s its heart, soul and conscience. He exemplifies ethics and high standards in journalism. Working alongside him was the peak of my career. I descended that peak of my own volition, but I’m human. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what might have been had I stayed, especially when a former listener from long ago tells me he wonders about it, too.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – The Times I Miss”

  1. We’ve been lucky enough to have some great years under the same Rogers roof, Lisa. I’d say they were the best of times, but how often have we heard ol’ timers from radio say THEIR era, their decade, their station, was “the best”? I guess Carly Simon summed it up in Antipication: “these are the good old days”. And they are. Luckily we were aware enough to stop and know that they were, and enjoy. *Cheers*

  2. Lisa, thank you for the kind words. I miss you terribly. You and your bestie, Erin, have the quickest wits in the business! I also miss your profoundly dark sense of humour, and its occasional consequence: Coffee out the nose!

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