Language Barriers Broken

I arrived late to this party and in case you did too, let me tell you about The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. You don’t have to buy the 1995 book to learn the lessons. 

This runaway best-seller was recently recommended as a way to improve communication with those I love. People speak five different languages when it comes to giving and receiving love:

*Words of Affirmation

*Acts of Service

*Receiving Gifts

*Quality Time

*Physical Touch

Your partner might not appreciate that gifts are important to you. Or maybe their language is Physical Touch but you’ve let that slide. The author developed the concept after being a couples therapist for many years. He has “Chicken Souped” the book with versions for singles, teens, children and others. Chapman has also written many other books about marriage and relationships.

My language is Acts of Service with Quality Time a close second. I’m on cloud nine after Derek vacuums the house or repairs something. His language is Words of Affirmation followed by Quality Time. He provides an Act of Service and then I use Words of Affirmation to properly thank him. The book is about feeling appreciated and valued, something we all want.

The languages apply to relationships with your children, friends, relatives and even colleagues. I believe that part of the purpose of my life (all lives?) is to improve the lives of others where possible. Learning their love language, and your own, can help with that. It’s a bit of communication magic. Take the free quiz on Chapman’s website and see what you think.

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