Throwback Thursday – Radio Days

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It’s been three years since Derek left his last radio job. Or, more accurately, since he was fired. (A rite of passage in our industry.) He decided then and there that he was done with radio and worked for one year in trailer sales before launching his own business: Derek Botten Media.¬†Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. Plenty of broadcasters dream about working full-time as a voice-over artist but few make it. Derek is one of the few. He was humble enough to know he didn’t know enough, so he hired a coach. He worked hard at his craft and was able to exorcise the radio demon in his vocals.

Derek talking into a microphone, on air at Bob FM in London

Clients rarely ask for a radio sound. More often they’ll specify that it’s what they don’t want. Not everyone can make the transition. Some are afraid to try and others don’t understand why they should bother.

Voice-over work has its slow times and that’s where Lisa’s Pieces came in. He’s finding that custom furniture work is his forte as well as making lamps out of everything from a bowling pin to a telescope. He’s always busy.

Change isn’t easy but it’s all in how you deal with it. Derek took it by the scruff of the neck and said, oh yeah? Wanting it badly enough isn’t always enough. It takes stones and a lot of hard work. I know because I’ve witnessed it all. He hasn’t purchased us an island in the Caribbean – yet – but he’s meeting his goals, and that’s got a value all its own.


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  1. I have not listened to that morning show since. The no talent canned laughter machine they replaced Derek with is unbearable, poor co-hosts have to put up with. Derek is a heck of a nice guy who I am proud to call my friend. Way ta be Champ! Good Journey Always.

  2. Rick Castle

    The first time we met I liked you, always had that little grin and a nod of the head, like the first cup of coffee. OK enough of that, so I have a few stories about Derek from Fanshawe College to Delaware Speedway to parties, to his blue Ford Mustang, but the best of all was this. It was a fall September day I had no sleep, I stayed up all night and morning at the hospital. I left that day with a big smile on my face, started my truck and turn on the radio. Well guess who was on the air “Derek” so from the telephone booth downtown. I phoned the station and told him about what had happened. He said come up and we will talk about this, so up I went to the top floor, opened the elevator door and there he was through the glass wall with his headset on talking a mile a minute. (no kilometers back then 1985) So he unlocked the glass door and waved me in, put on a commercial took off his headset and shook my hand and said congratulations. I said thank you as I handed him a big old cigar. It’s a girl I said, We talked for a few minutes, shook hands again, and he went back to the control panel unlocked the door and let me out. I was still running on adrenalin as I got into my truck, again I turn the radio on, that day Derek had perfect timing, as I drove down Dundas St. I herd Derek say on the radio ” if you see an object flying about in the sky do not be alarmed – it’s only my buddy Rick Castle his wife just gave birth to their first baby”. So when I got home my Mother-in-law gave me a phone call saying she heard Derek on the radio too. Derek thank you for that and being a great friend. Cheers Buddy. Rick Castle.

  3. I’ve always admired those who can start up their own business and whether or not they’re successful, keep trying over and over again. I’m not one of those people. What I am, is the sounding board, steady hand on the rudder, mentor, coach offering an alternative vision or idea. Now if I could bottle that, i might be able to make some money.

    Thumbs up to Derek.

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