Throwback Thursday – Eight Crazy Years

A closeup of us in a hug. I'm wearing a leather jacket and Derek has riding gear on including a red bandana around his neck.

If ever you think life is predictable and boring, consider the case of Derek and Lisa. They were friends long ago and far away. And then they weren’t. That estrangement lasted for a long time and was considered permanent. Their lives took separate, disconnected paths for many years. Then life said “Ha!”

Derek and I on a black Harley in front of a sign that reds the Little White Wedding Chapel Drive Thru Window

Eight years ago this weekend, we made it official in Las Vegas at the Little White Chapel. We drove up on a rented Harley and did the deed at 3 pm on December 23rd. A couple of oblivious tourists walked through our two-minute ceremony. As we posed for pictures out front, we noticed a stripper across the road was swinging on a giant swing  in front of a peeler bar. The wedding ahead of ours was the Elvis special complete with an impersonator. It was perfect.

As we say at home, Happy AnniverserBee!

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Eight Crazy Years”

  1. Jean White

    Great story. Happy AnniverserBee to you both. Have a happy Christmas and all the very best in 2018 Lisa!

  2. Happy 8th Anniversary on Dec. 23rd cousins!! So glad life said “Ha!” – you two belong together.

  3. 8 years already. You must be having fun ‘cause that seemed to fly by. Enjoy your celebration; here’s to many more. Happy Anniversary! Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy New Year too🥂🎉

  4. Ya just never know when life will say “Ha!” Love that Lisa!
    Congrats on your “great 8” guys — and many many more to come!

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