What Happened in Vegas

still shot of the Amazon Echo at the Witlingo display at CES with a little sign about voice-first and a booklet about using Alexa for your business

The festival of nerds is over for another year. CES, formerly the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, has wrapped after blowing the minds of tech-geeks with its innovations. It’s all about smaller, better, faster, wearable tech, self-driving cars, and futuristic gadgets. And I was there, sort of. We in this humble home are excited about voice-first technology. It’s about to explode.┬áLast November I wrote about the start-up Witlingo in a post titled The Voice First Revolution. Derek and I are both involved with Witlingo, an official content provider to Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other companies. Witlingo took its project for a company called Itron Labs to CES and guess whose voice had her Siri moment at the show? I hope you guessed me! Here’s a sample of how it works.

Everyone involved in this segment of technology believes it will soon become as ubiquitous as having a home computer and your own website. It’s certainly fun to be a small part of it.

Also at the show: 5G connectivity is coming. If a two-hour movie took a day to download with 3G, and six minutes with 4G, it would take less than ten seconds with 5G.

LG brought a next-generation version of its wallpaper TV. It’s a 2.5-mm thick screen that hangs on your wall. You can roll it up and take it with you. It’s got amazing ability for something so skinny, including LG’s most powerful processor for rich, realistic pictures. A 65-inch version still costs about $7,000 but the price comes down every year. Call me in 2080.

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