Eight Days a Week Times Two

At sunset, a couple sitting on a bench with their dog at their feet, watching the water. They're seen from behind.

I’m taking a two-week hiatus. No radio show. No news-hounding, at least not like usual. And no blog posts. A combination of hiding the basement (in my writing/recording studio and in Manland, getting rid of stuff), road trips and (hoping for) blissful sleep-ins. I haven’t taken two weeks off since I worked at 680 News nine (gulp!) years ago.

I really need a break. For a variety of reasons, this has been an especially stressful stretch of my career. For the next couple of weeks I am Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock, independently wealthy woman of leisure. The Princess knows nothing about the ways and means of radio, marketing, writing or news. She sleeps in until 11 am and then spends her day stretched out on a velvet chaise lounge, watching Friends reruns, subsisting only on (calorie-free) bon-bons. The Princess will return on Feb. 26th with a new attitude and a new website! I hope you’ll return as well.

3 thoughts on “Eight Days a Week Times Two”

  1. Enjoy the time off, and don’t forget, NO Smartphones either! The Princess has servants to do that.

  2. I can’t imagine the glee (mixed with some trepidation) that writing this post took. I’ll look forward to your return by which time spring will be closer to reality for you and hopefully other climates will have changed too. Fingers crossed. Safe travels and travails – and sweeeeeeeeet dreams!

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