My Good Friend Joe

A few weeks ago, I received an email telling me that I was one of ten finalists in the Win A Wardrobe For Life Contest from Joe Fresh. This immediately raised my suspicions, of course. However, I had a clear memory of entering the contest and the attached form wasn’t asking for anything related to my bank accounts or credit card numbers. It looked legit. 
Google informed me that the prizes hadn’t been awarded yet. They ranged from a $50 certificate to the top prize of $3500 per year for twenty years. I didn’t care what I won. I’ve never won anything bigger than a 26-ounce bottle of booze, which – as a non-drinker – I had to give away. I filled out, scanned and sent the form back with the note: I hope this is for real! And then I waited.

It was another three weeks before I heard back. Not only was I a runner-up winner, I wasn’t one of the ones on the bottom! My prize: $500 to spend online at with free shipping. Yippee!

Unopened white delivery bag sits on the kitchen counter with the words Joe Fresh in bold orange

I have promotional codes that are all my own to spend whenever I choose on full-price or clearance items. I’ve already used two of them! They don’t expire until the year 2043. But why put off the fun? I can try things on in person and then go home and choose them at my leisure.

The first time I ventured into a Joe Fresh was in downtown Toronto back in my 680 News days. Their jeans were only $19 and as I clutched my bag and left the store, I felt like I’d gotten away with something. The prices have risen a bit over the years but I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. And they’ve changed some of their ways since a devastating, deadly fire at a clothing manufacturing plant in Bangladesh. My first prize delivery was a ‘new arrival’ jacket. Then I needed pantyhose and almost bought some until I remembered, duh, Joe Fresh! At this rate, I’ll spend all of my winnings before the year is out. But I’ll have a blast doing it.


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