Lulu for Lululemon

Girlfriends, remember when we first realized that we could wear yoga pants to do anything and go anywhere and it was fashionable? That was a great day. But it’s gone too far. Now yoga pants have even made the Op-Ed section of The New York Times. The only time they should make the news is when a manufacturer’s quarterly results come in. Or if someone is strangled with a pair of them.

The Times’ Senior Opinion Editor, Honor Jones, writes that women over 30 shouldn’t wear yoga pants in public. She even cites the gym as an off-limits location. She took a drubbing on social media, and rightly so. I agree with her only on one point and my cut off date is much younger than 30.

Women over 18 shouldn’t wear yoga pants or leggings outside of the gym with short tops.Their butts ought to be covered. Sports bars could be exempted. My reason for this is two-fold. Many parents of teenage girls lose sight of, or refuse to acknowledge, that their daughters have become women. What was cute on an 13-year-old can be inappropriate on an 18-year-old. My rule would help them over the my-baby’s-growing-up hump.

Second, this would protect those women who wrongly believe that black Lycra in any size is slimming. Cover the butt, no one gets hurt. It’s classier. It’s more forgiving. (I include my own butt in this generalization.)

photo of a woman's backside as she wears yoga pants with a t-shirt
In the photographer’s description, he compliments the woman’s yoga-panted butt and “hint of a camel toe”

Ultimately, women of any age should wear whatever they feel comfortable in. And Honor Jones, the gym already has quite enough judgment, thank you. If Jones feels comfortable in slouchy pants and takes issue with those trying hard to look gym-sexy, why make it everyone else’s problem? Work out somewhere else in your slouchy pants and bad attitude. Maybe it’s time for a home gym where you make all of the rules. You certainly don’t start a fashion trend by whining. Complaining isn’t enough. Develop a solution. Sew some tunics and sell them in the lobby. This would help further my cause, as well!

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  1. General rule of thumb; if you feel the need to tell others that you’ll wear whatever you want because you look sexy… probably don’t. For supporting evidence check People of Walmart et al.

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