Parting Advice

After a life marked by illness – chronic and acute – and several conditions that resulted in frequent hospital trips and stays, our friend’s adult son chose to end his life. He had suffered heart attacks and mini-strokes for a month straight. He stopped dialysis treatments and finished his life on his terms. Bill said his goodbyes. He donated his eyes so others could see. He asked that people celebrate his life as opposed to mourning his death. 

Bill’s mother has written a book about her son’s life with publishing info tba. Shortly before he died, Bill wrote some final thoughts for the rest of us. They’re worth taking to heart, from the heart of a man whose life was cut short.


Live a full life.
Speak your truth.
Be honest to everyone,
Especially to yourself.

Remember, Karma travels
Like a boomerang.
It restores balance
As the Universe’s Equalizer.

Learn from and admit your mistakes.
Don’t whine, it’s annoying.
Be joyful, celebrate, have fun.
Count your blessings.

Have your cup half full.
Laugh at adversity,
No “poor little me”.

Be kind, sincere and genuine.
Don’t spew phony apologies.
Be proud, not arrogant.
Curb your ego, you’re not God.

Say “I Love You”, sincerely and often.
Help others along life’s road,
Leave a positive mark in life.
Shine your love and light to the world.

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