Master Impressionist

Ed Kelly standing in front of a microphone, wearing mirrored sunglasses, talking on the phone as he does one of his impressions

Thousands of broadcasters and actors in this country dream of making it in the US. Our friend Ed Kelly has been doing it for decades. The way I see it, his career is successful for three reasons.

  1. He’s versatile; from broadcasting to voice-over to acting to live stage performances including comedy, impressions and singing – he does it all.
  2. He’s mobile. He can go where the work is.
  3. He’s wickedly talented. Like, a one in ten-million kind of talent. And that might be selling him short.

Ed, Derek and I all worked together at CKSL 1410 here in London back in the day. There was a lot of laughter as Ed (Eddie to me) and his wonderful girlfriend Jenny came for the weekend. We braved the ice storm and went out for dinner, thinking no one else would bother going out. How wrong we were! Walking was more difficult than driving.

We all tell “war” stories about broadcasting and voice-over but only Ed can drop household names as colleagues. This is just a taste:

*directed by Drew Barrymore and appeared alongside Ellen Page in Whip It.

*co-starred with Richard Gere and Martin Sheen in The Double.

*shared screen time with Sigourney Weaver in Prayers for Bobby.

He has narrated and provided character voices to several animated films. He’s a regular part of Mitch Albom’s syndicated US radio show out of Detroit where his standout bit is the Friday movie review as John Travolta. And his latest venture is being your personal (or professional) POTUS at His impression of Donald Trump is bang-on. It’s eerie when it breaks into it over dinner.

We’re ridiculously proud of Ed’s accomplishments, but more importantly, of the loyal and great friend he is when he’s using his own voice.

From Miss Piggy to several Presidents… here are 50 of his best.

2 thoughts on “Master Impressionist”

  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa… You sure know how to make a guy’s day. (Derek’s aside!) thank you, my sweet, sassy, shiningingly acerbic friend for your uber kind words. You truly made the weekend a marvelous one for us, as always. Now if I can just get my agents to read this they may even know me by name at my next audition! I truly wish we still worked together daily. I can’t remember when I’ve had more fun. I love and adore you, you Uber talented girl, you. And we both know that Derek fella is a Prince and has been my best friend for decades for reasons that would require their own blog! Mwah!

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