The Big Tease

Coming soon….

Book cover has grey background and a microphone with headphones resting on it in back and white. In red lettering: Make the Media Want You. In white, outlined in black: An Insider's Guide to Creating Persuasive Pitches by Veteran Broadcaster Lisa Brandt

Working with Hibbert & Stiles has been great. George and Carolyn are total pros and they know the publishing business inside and out. They created this cover and I love it.

The book is coming out on all platforms except audio, to start. An audiobook seems like a no-brainer, but it’s time-consuming to create so I’ll see whether there’s a demand for it first. Publication date is tba but you can be sure that I’ll let you know!

1 thought on “The Big Tease”

  1. Audio books are nice, but many within the disabled community now read E-books on their smart phones. so, as long as there is an accessible version of your E-book for download, you should be good. Also, the CNIB library takes existing and new publications and converts them into audio for their clients and others.

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